Nonprofit IT Solutions

Let Lightning IT help you save money supporting your cause!

Nonprofits rely heavily on technology to reach out to and connect with donors, sponsors, and volunteers, as well as raise awareness in their communities. We provide Nonprofit IT Solutions helping nonprofits achieve all their goals, within budget, while relying heavily on technology. Let Lightning IT help with all your nonprofit IT needs.

We understand the data needs of Nonprofit Organizations!

Lightning IT has a long history of experience in the nonprofit sector, and we understand your data needs. We can design systems to meet your specific needs and empower you to use data to achieve your organization’s mission.

Lightning IT provides nonprofit organizations the tools they need to operate more efficiently, maximize their fundraising potential, and thereby achieve their missions.

An unstable IT system can result in frequent downtime, missed opportunities, and crippling expenses. Our IT for nonprofit solutions aims to make your life easier while you’re working on achieving your nonprofit goals.

How can Lightning IT help Nonprofits?

  • Protect donor, sponsor, and client private information
  • Deploy a cyber security framework to repel cyber attackers
  • Engage your community with mobile applications to accelerate fundraising
  • Offer our expertise to deliver new options and better and more effective ties
Let Lightning IT provide the same professionalism and expertise to your IT infrastructure that you do to your nonprofit clients.
We look forward to working with you.
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