Virtual CIO

Your Choice for Virtual CIO Services in Calgary!

If you’re looking for the all-important “operating experience” of a Managed Service provider, providing experienced IT executive support when you need it, Lightning IT offers Virtual CIO services.

What is a Virtual CIO?

Lightning IT can serve as your organization’s Chief Information Officer, collaborating with and advising your organization, and performing the same functions as a conventional CIO, but only for the hours you actually need. As a virtual CIO, we are part of your team, with a vested interest in your success, and we can help call the hard shots with your IT budget and make it work better for you. An experienced IT executive managing company, we will work with you on a part-time basis, helping your identity and implement IT effectiveness, and remove inefficiencies and risk.

Lightning IT Virtual CIO Services can offer:

  • The ability to link IT systems to business objectives
  • Knowledge of technology trends likely to impact the customer
  • A firm grasp of IT project planning and management
  • Customization to meet your specific business requirements
  • Experience in the IT budgeting process, with a record of past performance, competency, and satisfied clients
  • Leadership and Advisory Services
  • Customer Service
  • An affordable option for experienced IT knowledge and experience
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