Cloud IT

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Lightning IT is pleased to offer secure and reliable cloud backup solutions to increase your business agility so that you can work from anywhere, protect your data, reduce your costs, and have a wider range of scalability, all for an affordable and competitive price.

What are the Benefits of Cloud IT Services?

Cloud computing moves your IT infrastructure offsite to make it more robust and secure. It allows your business to access files and documents, and work collaboratively, from virtually anywhere in the world. This flexibility makes connecting with others and working remotely possible, and convenient. You’ll be able to increase your data storage potential and get increased speed and system stability. Furthermore, we’ll be able to provide various IT services and applications remotely, essentially providing on-demand software, and freeing up resources so you can focus on other tasks.

Benefits of Cloud IT

  • Business flexibility and adaptability – Take advantage of cloud computing power
  • Reduce costs – You no longer need to invest in physical hardware, software, and resources.
  • Capital expenses vs. operating expenses – As more and more cloud services move to the subscription model, the upfront capital cost has moved to a monthly operating cost, which helps businesses manage cash flow and spread out costs over a longer period.
  • Scalability – You can easily scale up or down as needed, usually just by adding another subscription or user.
  • Access on any device anytime and from anywhere – You no longer need to wait until you’re at work to work.
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